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Series 7

Eurotherm Mini8™ Maximize your PLC with the best control algorithm in the world


Features and benefits

  • Ideal partner to your PLC
  • World class control algorithm
  • Accurate analogue measurement
  • Flexible communications
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Modular build, compact size
  • Reduction in panel real estate
  • Reduces total system costs

  • Maximize your process with the Eurotherm Mini8
    Features and benefits Ideal partner to your PLC World class control algorithm Accurate analogue measurement Flexible communications Guaranteed performance Modular build, compact size Reduction in panel real estate Reduces total system costs Maximize your process with the Eurotherm Mini8 Designed to integrate seamlessly with programmable logic controllers, and other supervisory control and monitoring systems, the Eurotherm Mini8 offers a compact high performance solution at an affordable cost.

    Mini8 offers modularity both in terms of hardware and software functions. Its four plug-in slots can accommodate a variety of IO modules, and its feature set, ranged to suit simple multi-loop and data acquisition applications up to complex strategies including setpoint programming. mathematical and logical operations Mini8 can multi-drop on either Modbus RTU or Devicenet and offers a real cost effective alternative to performing analogue measurement or control loops in a PLC. By implementing these functions in the Mini8 the PLC hardware cost is reduced and is relieved of the extra processing burden of analogue control, often improving its digital performance or enabling a lower specification processor to be used.

    Improve your PLC with the Eurotherm Mini8
  • Reduces PLC hardware
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Improves control performance
  • Improves PLC performance
  • Minimizes signal conditioning hardware

  • The Mini8 is an ideal partner to a PLC in multi-loop PID applications such as plastics extrusion and multi-zone furnaces. By devolving loop control to the Mini8 the PLC can concentrate on providing fast and effective logic control without the burden of running complex control algorithms. The Mini8 is a very cost effective alternative to implementing control loops in PLC. Providing not only better control performance and easy configuration the Mini8 offers the same deterministic response and autotune feature as Eurotherm's panel mount controllers. Eurotherm’s open approach to communication, supporting both the Modbus and Devicenet protocols, makes it easy to interface to intelligent masters such as a PLC.

  • 5.7" touchscreen LCD
  • 128 user pages, 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Modbus RTU master
  • 128 Recipes
  • Process alarms
  • Standard configurations

  • The VT505 operator terminal uses touchscreen technology to provide an extremely easy and flexible interface to the Mini8. Standard configurations can be pre-ordered to suit different Mini8 applications or users can use the VT505 configuration tools to create their own customized view of their process.

    Eurotherm Mini8 as a controller
  • 8 PID control loops
  • Flexible and standard configurations
  • 110ms PV sampling
  • Setpoint programmer
  • Maths and logic functions
  • Process alarms
  • Heater failure detection

  • Creating Custom Solutions
    A wide range of toolkit functions, including Maths and Logic blocks, can be used to create custom solutions and small machine controllers. Timing functions include a range of timers, counters and totalisers as well as a non-volatile real time clock. Using the iTools graphical wiring editor these strategies can easily be created and documented.

    The Mini8 utilizes a fixed Modbus address table providing easy integration into PLC, SCADA and other 3rd party systems. This fixed table makes communication to intelligent masters very easy to accomplish. Parameter addresses are fixed in one location and do not move depending on how the unit is configured. Both the Modbus RTU and Devicenet protocols are supported.

    Control and measurement
    Combining high quality multi-channel analogue measurement with Eurotherm’s proven PID algorithm the Mini8 achieves performance equal to that normally reserved for conventional discrete controllers. The same analogue input circuitry and control features found in Eurotherm’s latest panel mount controllers are also available in the Mini8.

    Setpoint programmer
    Setpoints can be programmed to follow a series of time based Ramp and Dwell segments. Each Mini8 can store up to 50 programs with an overall total of 200 segments. Digital events can be triggered in segments to interface to other parts of the control strategy or external devices.

    Heater Failure Detection
    Utilizing a unique cycling algorithm, and current transformer input module, the Mini8 can automatically scan electrical heaters connected to its logic control outputs and indicate heater partial load failure, over current or SSR short and open circuit. Heater current readings are also available within the Mini8 to calculate power delivered to the load and make this information available to a supervisory system. Heater failure detection is compatible with both single or three phase load installations.

    Maximize PID control with the Eurotherm Mini8
    Mini8 can be supplied with pre-loaded configurations to suit standard applications. It is also a very flexible controller capable of implementing complex control strategies. Eurotherm’s iTools software suite provides a graphical function block view of strategies configurations making creation, editing and debugging easy to accomplish.
    A remote touchscreen LCD panel, supplied with standard Mini8 operator screens, can be used to supervise multiple controllers. Standard screens enable ‘Out of Box’ operation but still allow users to adapt screens, therefore enhancing visibility and ease of use, to suit their own process.

    Data acquisition with the Eurotherm Mini8
    Mini8's high density analogue inputs combined with Eurotherm's 5000 Series recorders provide unsurpassed local and network access to your process.

    The 5000 Series offers remote viewing capability and acts as an HMI for the Mini8 utilizing Master Communications. The user can control and view information from the Mini8 from either the 5000 TFT touch screen display or from any PC connected to the network.

    Eurotherm 5000 Series
    The 5000 Series is designed to provide powerful, yet easy to use, network and communication options. Whether a local connection is required or access from the other side of the world, the 5000 Series provides secure access to process data when and where you need it.

  • 32 Analogue channels per Mini8
  • Multiple batch functionality
  • Master communications
  • Alarm notification via Email
  • Secure storage of data
  • Easy to use networking
  • Auditor features
  • Up to 48 universal inputs direct into the 5000

  • Eurotherm Mini8 connected to a 5000 in a control system
    The 5000 Series supports Modbus Master communications over Ethernet and Serial connections. Powerful features from within the 5000 Series - such as User defined screens, remote access and Auditor features – can now be applied to other plant equipment. Whether you need to securely record data from other instruments or provide a centralized HMI for an operator to view and modify control loop parameters within the Mini8 – the 5000 Series offers a simple, powerful solution.

    Eurotherm Mini8 connection to SCADA
    The Mini8 can be installed as a control or data acquisition component of larger installations. Eurotherm are able to provide solutions from ‘simple’ SCADA using Eurotherm iTools or Specview to more demanding applications using EurothermSuite or Wonderware. The open communications nature of the Mini8 makes communication to third party equipment easy to achieve.

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